Subcutaneous injections

I came home from work on Tuesday afternoon to find a big FedEx box on my porch. Even though I had been expecting it, the sight of it still made my stomach do a little flip flop.

My drugs had arrived.

My drugs

The contents of my FedEx box of drugs

This first shipment included Lupron, Estrogen, and Progesterone as well as prenatals, birth control pills, and one teeny tiny valium (for the day of the transfer, presumably). There were also syringes. Lots and lots of syringes. (And a sharps container, which is a fun thing to have hanging around the house when you have two very curious and not particularly well-behaved young children.)

Let the self-administered injections begin! Huzzah!

The syringe

Here is the syringe. Not so bad.
Or perhaps it’s just the angle of the photo…

the Lupron

The dreaded Lupron
(aka the-rage-and-uncontrollable-weeping-inducing hormone).

serious face

Measuring out 20 units of Lupron. This is serious work, folks.


Alcohol wipe on my belly. A subcutaneous injection goes into the layer of fatty tissue directly under the skin. I’d make a crack
about my fatty tissue, but I am very body positive.

Subcutaneous injection

Squeeze the fat, inject the needle at a 90° angle, depress the plunger, pull out the needle at the same angle. Nothing to it!

Rub it in

 Rub it in with a cotton ball.

thumbs up

All done! Piece o’ cake.

BiohazardSyringe goes into the super safe sharps container.

Used needles. Awesome.

Used needles. Always fun.

Side effects: So far, there has been a little underlying nausea, some mood swings, and some uncontrollable weeping. But more on that later…


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