22 gauge 1.5 inch needle


Little lupron on the left, the mighty estrogen on the right. The little one goes into my belly fat, the big one goes into my butt muscle.

Just thought I’d let you all know that if my lupron needle were to get into a fight with my estrogen needle, cute little lupron would end up in the hospital with multiple fractures and a possible concussion.

Also, for those of you who are married or who have long-time partners, I highly suggest having said partner poke you in the ass with a large needle full of hormones. It’s better than couple’s therapy! It forces you to confront any trust issues you may have and surrender control completely to the other person.

It’s also fun to hear your partner say things you never thought you’d hear him or her say. “Oops, I forgot to pull the syringe back to check for blood,” for example. Or “Can we reuse that needle?” is a good one.

In all seriousness, though, Mike has a steady hand and gives surprisingly gentle shots. I’m grateful that he is here to help me with these injections, and I’m even more grateful that he didn’t miss the opportunity to take this picture:

icing my butt

Yes, that is me icing my butt.


4 thoughts on “22 gauge 1.5 inch needle

  1. Carol Howard says:

    So I just read all the posts in one binge (the way I do with Netflix series). Fantastic, Jenessa. You are wickedly funny and smart and honest. For sure, this is a turbo-powered Mitzvah, and Mike must be a saint.



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