The Embryos Have an Advocate

Ramona is totally into this surrogacy. She has been from the very beginning. Remember when she told me I was doing a mitzvah? Still makes me tear up when I think about it. And it did not stop there. Ramona has become a big advocate for surrogacy in general and these little embryos in particular. Here are a few snippets of conversations I’ve had with Ramona about the surrogacy.

Scene 1:
: When will the babies come out?
(This was way before the transfer, just after we met Gil and Tomer for the first time.)
Me: Well, after they put the eggs inside me, a baby won’t come out for about 9 months.
Ramona: But that’s too long! Tomer and Gil will be sad to wait that long!

Scene 2:
: Will you make a baby for me when I want to be a mommy?
Me: Why do you want me to make your baby for you?
Ramona: Because it will hurt. I want to be a mommy but not to have it hurt.
Me: Hm, well, I’ll be too old to make a baby for you by the time you’re ready to have a baby.
Ramona: Oh, well you should just make babies for people who need them now.

Scene 3:
: They are putting two eggs in you?!
Me: Yep.
Ramona (gasps): One for each of the daddies!

Scene 4:
After the embryo transfer, I picked Ramona up from school. She ran up to me, ready to give me a huge hug. Then she stopped short and looked at my belly.
Ramona: Mommy, if I give you a hug, will I crack the eggs?

Scene 5:
I had to carry Solly, even though I’m not supposed to lift anything heaver than 10 pounds until there is a heartbeat.
Ramona (in her most stern voice): Mommy, put Solly down! You are going to hurt the eggs and then they won’t turn into babies!

Scene 6:
This evening, Ramona asked me to help her make a sign. I asked her to tell me slowly what the sign should say so I could write it down exactly how she wanted it. Here is the sign:

Ramona's sign reads, "Don't squeeze mommy right here because there are baby eggs in there."

“Don’t squeeze mommy right here because there are baby eggs in there.”

Those little embies certainly have a cheerleader. I am not looking forward to the conversation I’ll have to have if only one embryo took or if, god forbid, I should miscarry. But this is life, and Ramona is certainly learning life lessons. I find it amazing and inspiring that she took so easily to the idea of me growing a baby for another family. I think it’s important that all kids be given the opportunity to experience different kinds of families and different ways of having children.

Quick pregnancy update: I went into my first beta pretty confident it would be positive (I peed on about 15 sticks in the 5 days leading up to it, all positive). The blood test showed that my hCG level was at 555, which is a very strong number. They were looking for levels of around 100. So now the ladies in the surrogates’ Facebook group are all betting on twins. I’m not letting myself speculate one way or the other. I think the daddies are secretly hoping for twins, and I don’t want to get my hopes up too much for them. I go in on Wednesday for my second beta and then, assuming the number remains strong, I’ll go in for the yolk sac ultrasound a week or so after that. We’ll find out how many embies are in there at that appointment. So stay tuned!


One thought on “The Embryos Have an Advocate

  1. jodis958 says:

    The embies could not have a more sincere or more powerful advocate!! Go Mona, with your amazing sentience, mind, spirit!! Another fabulous entry, Ness!!! Completely LOVIN’ Eeeet!!! The word acumen keeps smackin’ me up side the head w/every deftly & beautifully wrought moment! Yep, I’ma LOVIN’ your blog, behbi!



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