Nausea. And more nausea.

I am sorry for the radio silence. The truth of it is, I have been consumed by the nausea and I don’t really have much to say besides that. I have tried all the tricks, and so far nothing seems to be working. I may have to resort to the overpriced Preggo Pops they sell at Babies R Us. I’ve found that I am better when outside or lying down or, ideally, both. So a hint to my co-workers: if you can’t find me, chances are I’m taking a 10 minute power nap at the pool, trying not to regurgitate my lunch.

But on to happier things… I had my second beta a week and half ago. My number was through the roof! 9257. Let me say that again: 9257. Generally, at 4 weeks 3 days, beta numbers are anywhere between 100 and 1000. So I’ve either got twins or a very, very securely implanted singleton. Or perhaps an alien being set on destroying me with fatigue and nausea. Only time (and an ultrasound) will tell.

Speaking of ultrasounds, I have one scheduled for September 8th. We should be able to detect a heartbeat (or heartbeats) by then–I’ll be 7 weeks 5 weeks at that point. Two-thirds of the way through the hellish first trimester! I’d say it’s gone so fast, but really, the last two weeks since the nausea has set in have lasted an eternity.

I haven’t spoken to the daddies much the past couple of weeks. I don’t want to complain to them, but there’s not much else happening besides the nausea and the fatigue. I won’t lie if they ask me, but I definitely don’t want to start this pregnancy off by complaining. They are making plans to come visit for the 12 week ultrasound–I cannot wait to witness their reactions to seeing the little bean/s in utero for the first time. I try to think about that whenever I feel really bad. Keep your eye on the prize!

Does anyone have any tried and true nausea remedies? Please?


2 thoughts on “Nausea. And more nausea.

  1. Melissa Berkson says:

    So sorry to hear that you are feeling so cruddy! I went through a whole hypermesis pregnancy. Nausea is the worst. I tried just about everything – sea bands, ginger candies, crackers, ginger drinks….none of it worked for me. I learned to avoid triggers….Smells, visual of food being cooked, stress, etc. Ultimately i had to be put on anti-puking drugs (zofran) because i couldn’t keep food down. Unfortunately even with the drugs, i was puking less but still nausea.

    I wish i could send you some magical cure!!


    • Hey, Melissa!! I certainly don’t have HG–I can’t even imagine what you went through. Thanks for your kind thoughts! I completely forgot about the sea bands–I think I’ll give those a try.



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