“We’re finding out today how many things are coming out of mommy!”

“I will tell you right away–there’s two!” The ultrasound wand had been inside me for approximately 0.3 seconds before the doctor made this announcement.

“Can you guys see?!” This was my mom, talking to the daddies. I had called them on Skype, and my mom was pointing them toward the ultrasound machine.

“Yes, yes!” replied Tomer, his voice heavy with tears.

7w1d ultrasoundEven to the layman, the fact that it was twins was obvious. Each embryo was nestled into it’s own little sac, looking like a yin and yang in my uterus. And each embryo sported the tiny flutter of healthy heartbeats. I stifled a slightly hysterical giggle. Some unarticulated worry deep inside me relaxed, and I settled back more comfortably onto the pillow.

The rest of the appointment passed in relative silence, punctuated by the occasional emotional gasp or sniffle. The daddies, my mom, and I watched the doctor take measurements, each of us processing the information privately. At one point, my mom wiped her face and exclaimed, “You guys are making me cry! It’s not even my grandkids and you’re making me cry!!” I glanced at them on my phone–Tomer had his head on Gil’s shoulder, tears streaming down both their faces.

Baby A (the blob on the right in the picture above) is measuring 6 weeks 6 days, and Baby B (the blob on the left) is measuring 7 weeks 1 day. The heartbeats are both strong, and there is nothing alarming going on in there. Well, except for the fact that there are two creatures occupying the same space space that each of my average sized children occupied separately–that is slightly alarming, I must admit. (Word of advice: do not look at Baby Center images of twins in the womb right after finding out you are, in fact, carrying twins. You will never sleep soundly again). But aside from that, everything looks good.

After the appointment was over, my mom drove me back to work. I sat in the passenger seat, staring down at the grainy ultrasound picture in my lap, trying to work my head around the idea of twins. All sorts of worst-case scenarios tried to worm their ways into my head, but I resolutely shut them out, thinking only of how happy the daddies had been.

flowers from daddiesThe next day, two baskets of flowers arrived at the JCC, one for me and one for my mom, from the daddies of course–classy as ever. The card read, “Thank you for making our dream come true. You are the most generous woman we know. Love, Tomer and Gil.”

No pressure or anything. =) I’ll get back to gestating now.


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