Progesterone and gummy bears

The best two sentences ever written via an email: “The doctor would like you to continue your progesterone injections for three more nights. Your last shot will be on Sunday.” Huzzah! And the peasants rejoice! After 14 weeks of injections, only 3 more nights.

[Science lesson side-note (yay!). I have had many people ask me why I had to stay on the hormones for so long. Here’s why: way back in July, before the embryo transfer, I took a drug called Lupron (remember the subcutaneous injections?) which shut down my reproductive system. Normally, the fallopian tubes help produce progesterone, the hormone essential to a developing pregnancy, while the placenta is being created. My fallopian tubes, however, are only now waking up from a long, drugged sleep. “Wait, what? We’re pregnant? When did this happen? How did this happen?!” But by now (around 11 weeks), the placentas are formed and producing progesterone just fine. You’re off the hook, ovaries! And also, no more synthetic hormones!! End lesson.]

This is me, gleefully receiving my last shot, and Mike, very non-chalantly stabbing me in the ass for the last time.

This is me, gleefully receiving my last shot, and Mike, very non-chalantly stabbing me in the ass for the last time.

I had all kinds of hopes for my post-progesterone life. Less nausea. Less moodiness. Less bloating. Less weeping. Life will be some much more pleasant for me and my loved ones! Unicorns will fart rainbows and frozen yogurt will fall out of the sky! So now I’ve been off the progesterone for 3 days, and so far, still bloated. Still moody. Still weeping at the slightest provocation. And still nauseated. Horribly, achingly, wanna-blow-my-brains-out nauseated. Because, oh yeah, I’m still pregnant. With twins.

Oh, well. At least my bloat is beginning to look like an actual baby bump.

Super cute gummy bears!

Super cute gummy bears!

As awesome as my no-more-nightly-ass-stab is, even more awesome are the gummy bears themselves. (Yes, they are the gummy bears now because that is exactly what they looked like in their last ultrasound.) They are growing right on schedule, and they look great. Super active, super cute (yes, fetuses can be cute), and already super loved by their daddies. I have been Skyping with them at all the doctors appointments, and they have cried at every single one.

My first appointment with my regular OB was a few days ago, and she came into the room more excited than any doctor I have ever seen. “Where are the dads?!” she asked. I explained that they are in Texas but that we’ll be Skyping. “My first ever appointment via Skype! How exciting!!” During the ultrasound, while the daddies were oohing aahing, she said to us, “I’m crying you guys! I never cry at my patients’ appointments!” I seriously love her.

GIl and Tomer are beyond sweet. They are worried about me–we text or talk every day, and they are constantly asking me how I feel. They are also beyond excited. They tell me about the books they’re reading and about their friends who are also having babies (or gaybies, which is what their group of friends call the children of gay couples). When I’m lying on the couch, overwhelmed with nausea and completely useless to my kids and my husband, I just think about those two and it’s all so worth it.

So I am going to continue gestating, hoping that the nausea will let up in the next few weeks when the first trimester comes to a close. I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Progesterone and gummy bears

  1. jodis958 says:

    Yay!! Glad you’e feelin’ good enough to blog s’more!! It is another honest informing + fabulous write! Thx, you!! Smoochers!! (p.s., along with the wee gummy bears, gotsa love that doc, too 🙂 !!) & So ready for no more shots!!! Ve vill see how it rolls. Picking up oyster crackers to go with the progesterone treats. Heh! Love you.


  2. I’m so glad I found your blog! I’m in the beginning of my surrogacy journey (matched, med screening last week, waiting for final med clearance and starting contracts!), so it’s wonderful to hear from someone a little further in. I look forward to following along with you 🙂



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