Through the eyes of a four-year-old

About once a week, Ramona will pack a box of stuff to send to the babies once they go home. I am happy she does this; I think anything that reinforces the idea that these babies are not ours to keep will be very good for her in the long run. Also it’s super cute. The other day, she was wandering around the house, picking up random household items and muttering to herself: “I don’t think the babies have a ruler. They can have this one. They will need tape, too. And this pencil. Do you think they have a can opener? I should pack them water in case they get thirsty. And applesauce.”

Suddenly, she looks up at me as though she just remembered something. “Mom, don’t babies drink boobie milk when they’re little?”

Ramona ran into this picture while Mike was taking a bump picture for the daddies.

Ramona ran into this picture while Mike was taking a bump picture for the daddies.

“Yep,” I replied.

“Do boys have boobies?”

“Nope, only women.

“So the daddies don’t have them?”


With a furrowed brow, Ramona went back to her packing. She came back a few minutes later with an empty bottle.

“Mom,” she asked me, sounding a little worried, “are you all out of breastmilk?”

“Yep, I’m all out,” I replied.

“Why?!” she asked, panic creeping into her voice.

“When I stopped nursing Solly, the milk went away. You only need milk when you are feeding a baby.”

“But what about the daddies’ babies?!” Ramona wailed. “They will need milk!!”

“When the babies are born, the milk will come back, and I can squeeze some out for them and mail it to them.”

Ramona cut off mid-wail. The look on her face changed instantly from agony to glee.

“Ooh! Can I squeeze one while you squeeze the other?!”

That girl slays me. Her enthusiasm for this whole thing constantly amazes me and reminds me how open, receptive, and accepting children are. Not only does she accept that there are all different kinds of families, but she also accepts, without blinking an eye, that someone can have a baby for someone else who needs help. (And, side note, it’s a personal point of pride that breastfeeding and pumping breast milk is normal for her.) I know there are many adults who could learn a thing or two from the open-mindedness of children. I, for one, am grateful that I get to learn from my children every day.

ramona fairy


3 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a four-year-old

  1. jodis958 says:

    oh yes, Ms. Ness. How the children amaze and learn us–and speak it right out loud!! Celebrating your new entry!! Thx for this beautiful thing!


  2. How precious! Paiton’s excited about the whole process. She tells me things like, “When G and S’s baby is in your tummy, I’m going to feed you so you can feed the baby.” Her biggest request is that she gets to hold the baby after delivery. Kids are precious.



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