Two adorable fetuses and one ginormous surro-mama

Say what you will about Kaiser–their Level II ultrasound machine is AWESOME. Look at these pictures! Have you ever seen cuter fetuses??

Both babies are measuring right on schedule, about 1.3 pounds each. And I am measuring, well, large. I am 22 weeks, but my belly measures about 10 weeks ahead (using a singleton pregnancy as a guide), so I look about 32 weeks. When people ask me when I’m due, the standard reaction to my reply of “April” is a dropped jaw and speechlessness. The tactless will saw something like, “Wow, you’re going to be HUGE!” The more tactful will mask their shock with a casual, “Oh, the spring. How lovely.” My favorite response (and by favorite I mean most rage-inducing) is, “You poor thing!” You can save your pity, folks. I’m going to be just fine. I can’t say the same for the next person who tells me I look ready to pop. Pop this, bitch!

the cow is laughing

Me 22 week belly shot. Even my cow is laughing at me. “22 weeks?” she’s saying. “Bwahahaha!”

The daddies have been in Israel the last couple weeks visiting family, so we haven’t been talking as much. I have to admit, it’s made me a little nervous having them so far away, and I’ll be glad when they’re back home, safe and sound. Not that Texas is right next door or anything, but it’s comforting somehow to have them on the same continent. The custody papers were filed last week (separate documents than the original contract), so the daddies super-duper, double-officially have custody of the kids once they’re born. I can only imagine how exciting it was for them to sign those papers.

kids and bellyMy kids continue to bond with the bump. Ramona has become an expert on fetal behavior. The other day, she put her ear up to my belly as though she were listening for something. My mom asked her what she was doing, and she said, “I’m waiting for mommy’s tummy to rumble because when it does, it startles the fetuses and then they move!” I mentioned this to her once weeks ago–that girl is a sponge! Solly has started bestowing my belly with hugs and kisses and asking everyone if they have babies in their bellies, too. He’ll sometimes pull his shirt up and ask me to kiss his babies. Adorable overload.

Twin pregnancies are involved. I begin my twice monthly check-ups next week, and I have officially been enrolled in what Kaiser so charmingly calls Early Labor Watch. This means that a nurse from the Fetal Monitoring department will call me every week to check in, ask me about my Braxton-Hicks, and make sure I’m doing my kick counts. I don’t mind the extra attention–anything to help keep these kiddos where they are for as long as possible.

latkesNow back to Hanukkah festivities. I highly recommend being pregnant on Hanukkah–less guilt about eating all the latkes. The three of us have been enjoying every bite. Happy Hanukkah, everyone!



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