8lbs 2oz of baby

My belly has developed its own gravitational pull

My belly has developed its own gravitational pull. Notice the amazing (and attractive) veins and stretch marks. All part of this labor of love.

Hello, friend. I know, I know, It’s been a while. Let’s blame my long absence on my broken home computer and not on my olympic level procrastination.

A quick update: I am now 31 weeks 4 days. The babies are growing (and growing), and every ultrasound confirms that all is well in utero. At my scan on Thursday, the ultrasound tech estimated that each baby is weighing in at approximately 4lbs 1oz. That’s over 8 pounds of baby! Neither of my kids ever reached 8lbs while on the inside. I’m getting a little uncomfortable (read: very, very uncomfortable but embarrassed to complain about it), and I honestly have no idea how my belly is going to make it another 6 weeks. Or my bladder. Or my internal organs.

Nuzzling head to head.

Nuzzling head to head.

The babies are currently both breech, nuzzling each other with their heads up in my ribs. Baby A needs to flip head down if I want to have any prayer of delivering vaginally, but since they are the same size, Baby B can remain breech and we’ll try for a vertex/breech delivery. I’m remaining optimistic (read: delusional); the ultrasound tech said there is still plenty of fluid around each of them, which means the little girl still has room to flip. Lots of down-dogs for me! I’ve also read that doing handstands in a pool could help a baby flip. Fun! And probably less hazardous than handstands on dry land.

The dads were in town a couple weeks ago for a quick visit. It was just lovely, as usual. And now that they live in Los Angeles, it’s less of a schlep for them to get up here. We began our visit at a check-up. My OB practically squealed when she saw the dads! She is so into this whole process. Some Kaiser OBs are not like OBs at other practices–there are OBs who do clinical work, seeing patients in their office, and there are OBs who work in the hospital, delivering babies. My doctor never got privileges at the hospital because she knew she wanted just clinical work. But she told us at our appointment the other day that she will apply for privileges so she can assist at the delivery! Talk about flattering! Now I just gotta keep the buggers in until the paperwork goes through.

After the doctor, we had lunch then headed over to the daddies’ hotel to hang out and talk about the birth plan. They are so patient, kind, and supportive in my delusion that I will be able to have a vaginal delivery. Gil also talked me through a C-section step by step in intricate, bloody detail. Really, I’m just terrified of drugs, so the thought of getting a spinal and having to take painkillers afterwards scares the crap out of me. A few days after the visit, I found out that a mom of one of Ramona’s classmates is an anesthesiologist at Kaiser. She very kindly talked with me about my concerns and made some suggestions. I’m hoping she’ll be on duty when I go in–it’ll be a party in the OR with her, my OB, and the daddies. Who says major abdominal surgery can’t be fun?

The next day, after amazing french toast a la Tomer, the dads and I headed off to get some 3D ultrasound pictures taken. I’m a little farther along than most women are when they get these photos done, and I’m much more full of baby than a woman with a singleton, so the babies look a little, well, squished. But their adorableness is undeniable, and maybe it’s just me, but the fact that they are both using their placentas as pillows is just too damn cute.

Last bit of news: I am officially off work! Friday was my last day. I am now a lady of leisure. Bon bon, anyone?

Thanks for your patience with my long absence. Coming soon–a reflection on my 15 minutes of (somewhat awkward) fame. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can peruse this article from the j. weekly and this blog post from Kveller, both published in the same week.



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